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I am currently a lecturer (~Assistant Professor) in the School of Computing at Macquarie University. Previously, I held a lecturer position in the College of CSE at James Cook University and worked as a research fellow at the University of Sydney and the University of South Australia. I earned my PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia. Before transitioning to academia, I worked in the industry for over 10 years in various technical and leadership roles.

My research interests includes natural language processing, multimodal analysis and social computing, with a specific focus on language modeling and the design of socially aware innovative methods for various applications such as (i) Cyber Informatics, (ii) Online Opinion and Sarcasm mining, (iii) Responsible Low Resource Language Processing, and (iv) Health/Medical Informatics (visit Research page for details).

I actively publish and contribute to the academic community by serving on the program committee, including as an area chair, for several top-tier venues such as ACL, EMNLP, COLING, WSDM, Webconf, SIGIR, ACM MM, and IEEE Transactions. I am honored to be the recipient of several national and international awards, grants, and fellowships, including the Best Paper Awards from IEEE Transactions in 2022 and at the EMNLP 2023 workshop, as well as the DAAD AINet fellowship in 2023.

Honours and Awards

  1. Andrew P. Sage Best Transactions paper 2022 award by IEEE SMC Society
  2. NBMLHD Board Chair’s Quality Award in Research and Innovation 2021, “Understanding Patients’ Sentiments in remote care settings”, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD), Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  3. Scholarship, Australain Government Research Training Program Scholarship, 2021-2023.
  4. Postgraduate Research Supplementary scholarship, University of Sydney, Australia, 2021 & 2022.
  5. Scholarship, Australain Government Research Training Program Scholarship, 2018-2020.
  6. Google Research: Selected for participation in graduate symposium hosted by Google Research India, 2021.
  7. SIGIR 2022 and EMNLP 2022: Student Volunteer Award
  8. Rising Star in AI, KAUST AI Initiative
  9. DAAD AINet Fellowship 2023
  10. Research Grant: $150,000 to develop new tools using LLM
  11. Top 2% Global Scientists 2023 published by Stanford
  12. Best Paper Award at EMNLP 2023 BLP workshop
  13. OpenAI Researcher Access Program: Application to OpenAI’s API Researcher Access Program is accepted


April-2024: My application to OpenAI’s API Researcher Access Program has been accepted.

April-2024: We have a total of 4 papers in LREC-COLING (1x main confernece and 3x workshops). Congrats to all authors!

April-2024: In addition to organising a workshop at Webconf (WWW), we have a total of 5 papers in Webconf (2x main confernece and 3x workshops). Congrats to all authors!

March-2024 3 more papers (workshop) accepted at Webconf 2024.

March-2024 1 paper accepted at LREC-COLING.

Feburary-2024 2 papers accepted at Webconf (1x Main track and 1xWeb4Good track).

Feburary-2024 Joined Macquarie University as a lecturer (~Assistant Prof).

December-2023 Received a best paper award at EMNLP-2023 BLP workshop. Congrats to Hari and Suren.

December-2023 Ogranising a workshop on Multimodal Content Analysis at Webconf-2024 see details here

October-2023: 1 paper accepted @ WSDM 2024 (18% acceptance rate)

October-2023: 8 papers (EMNLP findings x3, ArabicNLP x3, BLP x2) are accepted @ EMNLP 2023

September-2023: 3 papers (1x Social NLP, 1x FinNLP, 1x WIES) are accepted @ AACL 2023

September-2023: Received a research grant of $150,000.

June-2023: 3 papers are accepted @ ACL 2023

May-2023: Delivered a tutorial @ Webconf 2023

May-2023: 1 paper is accepted @ TNNLS 2023

April-2023: 1 workshop paper is accepted @ CVPR 2023

April-2023: 2 papers are accepted @ ICWSM 2023

March-2023: 1 paper is accepted @ Neural Netorks

March-2023: 1 paper is accepted @ SIGIR 2023

Feburary-2023:: 5 papers accepted @Webconf (WWW) 2023

January-2023: Selected to give a talk at the Rising Stars in AI Symposium 2023

January-2023: 2 full papers accepted at AAAi’23

January-2023: One full paper is accepted at WSDM 2023

Please visit my Google Scholar page for a detailed list of my publications, including citations count.


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